Photeam are a team photography business that strives to change the face of team photography. With the uniqueness of working in both the sport and photography worlds, Photeam brings them both together. We know that all children look up to a hero at the top level and believe everyone should have the same treatment as them.

We travel to many locations taking photos of all kinds of teams including football, rugby, schools and more and have over 30 years of photography behind us.

We don’t provide printed photos instead giving you full licence to download and print as many copies of the photo as you wish making us unique in the sector.

Photeam are available for weekend and evening appointments and works best when grouping two or three teams together. We think this is the best solution as it is usually the time when you meet for training, matches and signing on days.

We have special club offer for clubs with more than 75 players so get in touch and speak to the team about generating funds for your club.